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We design and install quality aluminium shop fronts for retail outlets, reception areas, commercial entrances and shopping centres.

Customer Service

At County Glass and aluminium, we first create the highest level of trust and integrity with our clients.

Aluminium Shop Fronts – Glazing Options

In retail especially, first impressions are critical. Hence the glazing detail of a shop front is an important consideration, as it must meet practical and security criteria, whilst appealing to potential customers, drawing them into the retail unit. We offer shop front designs with clear or tinted glazing, with or without glazing bars and mullions


Configuration Include:

  • Fixed screen.
  • Manual doorways
  • Integrated Windows.
  • Folding/Sliding doors
  • Louvres.
  • Solid Panelling.
  • Curved entrances.

Aluminium Shop Front Hardware & Finishes

Aluminium Shop front for our aluminium shop fronts and entrances we offer a wide range of standard and specialized door hardware, to meet the combined requirements of security and ease of access.

Aluminum is an ideal material for the construction of attractive but robust shop fronts. It is very durable and lightweight yet high strength. Aluminium is highly resistant to corrosion and requires little long-term maintenance. It is also easy to fabricate, offering scope for our creative designers and skilled craftsmen to produce appealing and business winning shop fronts.


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